Press On

I had the greatest client session yesterday and wanted to share with you the lessons learned. 

My client let me know before her session that she was not feeling up to par. Nothing catastrophic or contagious, but that we might need to take it into account. 

Since she let me know ahead of time, I was able to look at her program and keep in mind some potential adjustments. Some Plan B’s, if necessary. 

HIIT Revisited: Is it a Must-Do?

HIIT Revisited: Is it a Must-Do?

If you follow fitness blogs or publications, you’ve probably heard of HIIT training. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is, as the name says, high intensity training that is done in bouts alternated with rest.

Sounds simple, but this is exhausting! It requires mental fortitude, but drives big results! Read on to see if it’s right for you.

What are the best shoes to lift in?

Have you ever wondered if you have the right gear for lifting? Ya know, the belt, the shoes, the gloves? The good news is, there's usually not a "right" or "wrong". (Except for gloves. Those are wrong.)

However, there is often a "better" and "best" option. Let's look at shoes and the role they play in lifting.

I talked with Amy Roberts about why Chucks can be a great lifting shoe, and she does a great job of giving much more detail at Click to read more.

2 Minute No Sweat Series To Start the Day Right

The 2 Minute No Sweat Series is a series of movements that requires no equipment, no special clothing, and very little space. You can run through it once or 5 times. It can be used to energize you, or to relax into at the end of the day before you crawl into bed. 

Check out the link below and give it a try! It won't cost you anything but 2 minutes!

3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Posture

Everyone says you should have good posture, but do you know why? Lots of reasons! In short, good posture helps you look better, feel better, and breathe better.

Learning good posture is very do-able. It takes a few minutes to learn, and consistent practice.

Here is a quick throwback to the Exercise Minute with Erika Lopez at KVUE, where we go over 3 exercises that can help you improve posture. The exercises are listed below the video, which explains them in about a minute. 

  1. Band pullaparts, a common movement many lifters do to prepare before working out
  2. Breaststroke, a Pilates inspired movement
  3. Dumbbell row, a classic lift

If you try any of these exercises, let me know how it goes!

HIIT Interval Training for Fat Loss with Erika Lopez on KVUE

HIIT Interval Training for Fat Loss with Erika Lopez on KVUE

Today on the KVUE Exercise Minute, Erika Lopez and I discuss HIIT Interval training for fat loss. Please see the link for the entire video, and for exercise demonstrations. 

Video here: HIIT Interval Training with Kathryn Alexander and Erika Lopez

Time Demands, Heart Disease, and Saving the World

Time Demands, Heart Disease, and Saving the World

How do people get everything done? My to-do list is never ending. I’m not some special exception with a busier life; you can probably relate. 

How do we reconcile doing our laundry, doing our job, and saving the world? I used to suggest doing as little as possible to get it done, then getting it done.

It’s time I change my approach.