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Personal Training in Austin, TX

I want to help you be strong, lean, and prepared with science based programming that works.  


Are you busy - with work, life, kids - but know you need to work out? 

Are you willing to workout, but only if you know it's not wasting your time? 

Are you ready to work hard, the way you do for your career, but want to know that you are doing the right exercises? 

It is time to get stronger, tougher, and choose to be healthy for life. 

I want to see you do this. I want you to be successful. 


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Are high achievers – My clients work hard in their careers and in the gym. They earn what they have and find that success in one area of their life leads to success in others.  

Know that they are in control – My clients are in control of their results. Equipped with my program written exactly for their specific needs and goals, they move closer toward their goals every day.

Value my input – By communicating and collaborating with me, my clients get the most out of their programs. We adjust as frequently as necessary to fine tune each individual's results.

Work HARD –  My clients value the process and work hard, knowing that is what will create results.  They have faith in the process and constantly improve.


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I begged my parents to let me go to the gym when I was little and they bought me my first gym membership when I was 12.

I earned a work-study scholarship when I went to college so I chose to work at the rec center since I loved gyms so much.

I studied kinesiology because it’s what I most wanted to learn. 

Again, in grad school, I chose to study exercise physiology. 

I was born for this. 

In the 11 years I have been a certified personal trainer, I have worked with powerlifters, firefighters, brides, and people trying to get stronger and healthier. 

Let me help you lift smarter, look and feel better, and save time with a program designed just for you.

  • M.Ed., Exercise Physiology, The University of Texas at Austin
  • B.S., Kinesiology, Louisiana State University
  • ACE certified Fire Service Peer Fitness Trainer 
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist