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Who i work with

I help motivated individuals who are ready to make an investment in themselves. In the past, I have worked with:

  • business owners who need to see ROI from time and energy spent at the gym

  • busy parents who want to take care of their health

  • tech employees who sit way too many hours a day and want to get rid of back pain

  • moms who want to tone up and get their body back

  • first responders, including firefighters, police officers and paramedics,
    while employed as an exercise physiologist at the Austin Fire Department

  • people who simply want to look and feel good again

My training programs help clients lose fat, improve health and reduce pain, gain strength and muscle, and learn the power lifts (bench press, squat and deadlift). I use strength and conditioning principles to create safe, science based programs.

Finding the right trainer is a match making process, so please message me (below) to set up a complimentary consult.



All one-on-one training sessions are created specifically for you and include: 

  • an assessment, from which I build a training plan specifically for you

  • in person spotting, cueing and guidance

  • email and phone communication and support

  • accountability and guidance

  • complete program design, which includes home workouts and travel workouts

  • all workouts documented in Train Heroic app, which includes video tutorials, and a record of your sets, weights, and reps

  • appropriate follow up assessments to track progress

The training fee is $100 per session, or $60 per half hour session. Please contact me for partner or group rates. 


Training FAQs:

Is there a contract?

No! I want this investment to be worth every minute, every penny, and ounce of sweat for you. If you aren't happy with my training style, I will help you make a plan to exercise on your own, or match make you with a trainer who will be a better fit. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Sessions canceled greater than 12 hours in advance will be rescheduled or refunded. 


Interested in a free consult? Contact me below.

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Comparison of Training Options

One on One

Written for you

In person at Gym One

Provides accountability and guidance to get you to your goals safely, and as quickly as possible

One-on-one client Lynda on her results: "I put this summer outfit on and I was like oh wow! I am in pretty darn good shape! I am a weight lifter for life :)"

 Tony Sanchez's 1 month progress. L-R, 11/2/16, and 12/6/16

Tony Sanchez's 1 month progress. L-R, 11/2/16, and 12/6/16

What I enjoy most about remote coaching is that you've helped me take my personal experience and knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and how my body responds to them to the next level. I know that if I have any questions or concerns you are an email or text away. The added accountability makes sure that I am staying on track to meet the goals that I've set for myself...

More than anything, what I appreciate the most about working with you isn't the product/service itself, but the culture you've created. When I walk into the gym and see some of your other minions I feel so much more supported knowing that there is a tribe of us all working together with similar goals in mind.

Read more about how Tony did it here.

6 Week Workout Plan

For beginner & intermediate lifters

6 weeks of exercise program design that tells you exactly what to do, with video tutorials and explanations

Guides you through improved nutrition for optimal results

$100 one time price

 Screenshot of weekly video tutorials.

Screenshot of weekly video tutorials.

Don't miss a thing! Learn my clients' secrets here, plus a copy of my 3 favorite overlooked exercises for fat loss and conditioning.