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personal trainer looking to grow my business (please continue reading below)


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Who i work with

I help motivated trainers who are ready to help more clients. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I am a trainer because I want to help people
  • Fitness is my passion
  • I wish I could reach more people
  • I love reading about science, fitness, and training
  • I've watched THOUSANDS of training videos on YouTube and Instagram.

The trouble is, when you love training, and reading about anatomy and exercise, your business skills go by the wayside (or are never developed in the first place). You won't help anyone if you don't reach them though. 

If you are a certified trainer, well educated, and have good intentions for your clients, I would love to help you grow your business.


ONE-ON-ONe business consulting

Every trainer should have a niche, a website, and a marketing strategy. Trainers who are looking to broaden their reach should also have a social media presence and constantly be creating. This is all in addition to providing top quality service to existing clients, which illustrates why it is so important to develop systems for maintaining quality work.

All one-on-one training sessions are created specifically for you and include: 

  • goal setting/mapping
  • help creating a website
  • blog post development and editing
  • niche development
  • help setting up an email list
  • accountability and guidance
  • email and phone communication and support
  • accountability and guidance
  • systems development



You are in a unique place in your career, probably different from where you were a year ago, and different from your peers. Let's chat about what you need and how I can help before I send you a quote.


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