What are the best shoes to lift in?

Have you ever wondered if you have the right gear for lifting? Ya know, the belt, the shoes, the gloves? The good news is, there's usually not a "right" or "wrong". (Except for gloves. Those are wrong.)

However, there is often a "better" and "best" option. Let's look at shoes and the role they play in lifting.

I talked with Amy Roberts about why Chucks can be a great lifting shoe, and she does a great job of giving much more detail at wirecutter.com. Click to read more.

Guillermo builds his strength through remote training

Guillermo builds his strength through remote training

I like to do client spotlights because: A, I am super proud of my clients, and B, real people’s stories fascinate me.

Everyone has a different motivation, background, and natural ability. We can learn so much from other people and how they approach their training and life. For example, Guillermo has a full time job, a girlfriend, dog, and other hobbies. He's not tied to the gym every day, but he has pretty solid numbers and time for his priorities, something we all can aspire to.

San Antonio Highland Games 2018 with Athletic Director Ed Cosner

San Antonio Highland Games 2018 with Athletic Director Ed Cosner

If you are like me and enjoy watching throwing, sport, competition, or maybe have a thing for kilts, you should head to the Highland Games in San Antonio April 7 and 8. 

The San Antonio Highland Games and Celtic Music Festival brings Scottish Games, music, cooking, and Highland dancing together for a celebration of Scottish heritage. Over 30 clans represent their people and culture in a weekend that is fun for all ages. 

I talked to Athletic Director and former Highland Games champ, Ed Cosner, about the games, his experience throwing, and what you can expect at the games this year. 

ReadyUp Podcast, talking shop about Max's Ride and Lifting

ReadyUp Athletic Podcast

Hey hey guys, I recently had the honor of sitting down to talk with my friend Zack on his podcast, ReadyUp Athletic Development

Before the podcast, I posted this video on Instagram explaining Max's Ride for ALS, a fundraiser I am part of. Shortly after, Zack invited me to be on his podcast. 

Max's Ride

Max's Ride is a motorcycle ride and concert that raises money to support finding a cure. It is in Austin, TX, on April 21 this year. It is fun, family friendly, and welcomes all riders and non riders. Visit Maxals.org to learn more, and please join us! 

ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease, strikes people in every demographic, but with a greater frequency in the military population. It is always devastating, expensive, and fatal. 

I know, because my dad had ALS. He passed in 2007. ALS will always be my biggest fight, but that is to be expected. When people like Zack, who haven't had a familial link to ALS, support our cause, I can never properly express my gratitude. THANK YOU Zack and Readyup for both giving us a voice, and becoming a sponsor of Max's Ride!

We had a great conversation covering lifting, gyms in Austin, TX, the fight against ALS, and fun things we are getting into next. 

Listen here, and check out the ReadyUp podcast. It has central themes on lifting, athletic development, and great music, but covers many other topics. 

ReadyUp Podcast Episode 6 with Kathryn Alexander


How To Meal Prep For a Week

How To Meal Prep For a Week

Meal prepping has been all the rage lately. There are many benefits to meal prepping, but it's heavy on the planning. To help you get started, I have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to meal prep for a week, from grocery list to clean up. Watch a video of all the meal prep steps, check out the weekly menu, and download the grocery list. 

2 Minute No Sweat Series To Start the Day Right

The 2 Minute No Sweat Series is a series of movements that requires no equipment, no special clothing, and very little space. You can run through it once or 5 times. It can be used to energize you, or to relax into at the end of the day before you crawl into bed. 

Check out the link below and give it a try! It won't cost you anything but 2 minutes!

The Smoothie Recipe from The Iron Guru

The Smoothie Recipe from The Iron Guru

Smoothies and shakes are everywhere these days: green smoothies post yoga, protein smoothies post gym smash, and yogurt smoothies available in the grocery aisle for those on the go. They really are fantastic, as they are quick, versatile, and potentially healthy and delicious. 

You know I'm an old school iron girl at heart, so it makes sense that this recipes is based off Vince Gironda's favorite shake recipe. Read on to see how to make it yours. 

3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Posture

Everyone says you should have good posture, but do you know why? Lots of reasons! In short, good posture helps you look better, feel better, and breathe better.

Learning good posture is very do-able. It takes a few minutes to learn, and consistent practice.

Here is a quick throwback to the Exercise Minute with Erika Lopez at KVUE, where we go over 3 exercises that can help you improve posture. The exercises are listed below the video, which explains them in about a minute. 

  1. Band pullaparts, a common movement many lifters do to prepare before working out
  2. Breaststroke, a Pilates inspired movement
  3. Dumbbell row, a classic lift

If you try any of these exercises, let me know how it goes!

The Fitness and Food Scene Around The Domain Austin

The Fitness and Food Scene Around The Domain Austin

The Domain in north Austin an exciting mix of upscale shopping, modern apartments, dining, entertainment, nightlife, offices and co-working spaces. It's also a great place to get a workout and eat healthy. Check out exercise options here, such as Flywheel, SoulCycle, Gym One, Whole Foods, Mad Greens, and Flower Child.

How to Make Yourself Take Action: Exercise Minute with KVUE

How to Make Yourself Take Action: Exercise Minute with KVUE

How to make yourself start. If you want to start something you but need a little momentum, start here. Set aside a few minutes for this post, though. We cover some psychology which you can use to help change, and sit down with Erika Lopez of KVUE for the Exercise Minute.