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How To Meal Prep For a Week

How To Meal Prep For a Week

Meal prepping has been all the rage lately. There are many benefits to meal prepping, but it's heavy on the planning. To help you get started, I have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to meal prep for a week, from grocery list to clean up. Watch a video of all the meal prep steps, check out the weekly menu, and download the grocery list. 

2 Minute No Sweat Series To Start the Day Right

The 2 Minute No Sweat Series is a series of movements that requires no equipment, no special clothing, and very little space. You can run through it once or 5 times. It can be used to energize you, or to relax into at the end of the day before you crawl into bed. 

Check out the link below and give it a try! It won't cost you anything but 2 minutes!

The Smoothie Recipe from The Iron Guru

The Smoothie Recipe from The Iron Guru

Smoothies and shakes are everywhere these days: green smoothies post yoga, protein smoothies post gym smash, and yogurt smoothies available in the grocery aisle for those on the go. They really are fantastic, as they are quick, versatile, and potentially healthy and delicious. 

You know I'm an old school iron girl at heart, so it makes sense that this recipes is based off Vince Gironda's favorite shake recipe. Read on to see how to make it yours. 

3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Posture

Everyone says you should have good posture, but do you know why? Lots of reasons! In short, good posture helps you look better, feel better, and breathe better.

Learning good posture is very do-able. It takes a few minutes to learn, and consistent practice.

Here is a quick throwback to the Exercise Minute with Erika Lopez at KVUE, where we go over 3 exercises that can help you improve posture. The exercises are listed below the video, which explains them in about a minute. 

  1. Band pullaparts, a common movement many lifters do to prepare before working out
  2. Breaststroke, a Pilates inspired movement
  3. Dumbbell row, a classic lift

If you try any of these exercises, let me know how it goes!

How to Make Yourself Take Action: Exercise Minute with KVUE

How to Make Yourself Take Action: Exercise Minute with KVUE

How to make yourself start. If you want to start something you but need a little momentum, start here. Set aside a few minutes for this post, though. We cover some psychology which you can use to help change, and sit down with Erika Lopez of KVUE for the Exercise Minute.

Gym Etiquette Guide: How to Share the Gym and Get the Workout You Want

Like a community kitchen or shared break room, the gym is better shared when participants abide by a few common rules. Sometimes it can feel strange going to a new gym or going to the gym for the first time, but knowing how to share the space goes a long way in making you feel comfortable. Read these quick tips and know you belong in the weight room!

HIIT Interval Training for Fat Loss with Erika Lopez on KVUE

HIIT Interval Training for Fat Loss with Erika Lopez on KVUE

Today on the KVUE Exercise Minute, Erika Lopez and I discuss HIIT Interval training for fat loss. Please see the link for the entire video, and for exercise demonstrations. 

Video here: HIIT Interval Training with Kathryn Alexander and Erika Lopez

How to Find the Best Personal Trainer For You

How to Find the Best Personal Trainer For You

Finding a personal trainer, like any other interpersonal interaction, is a matchmaking process. Investing in a good trainer will pay dividends over the years by adding health and vitality to your life. It is an investment, however, so make sure you choose the right trainer to maximize your benefit.

There are currently no legal requirements to be a personal trainer in the United States. Anybody can do it. Anybody. Scary, right? Estheticians and manicurists have more legal and health rules than personal trainers do. By knowing what to look for, you can increase your chances of finding a great working partnership and reaching your goals quickly and safely.

How do you know who is right for you? In an industry full of big talkers and charlatans, you have to do a bit of research. It might sound overwhelming, but it is manageable and worth it. Let me help!

Free Workout Plan, and Access to Training App. Link Here!

Free workout ahead! This is Month 1 of a new workout series I will be programming. Follow along if: 

  • you need structure
  • you like having a plan to follow
  • you want said plan to be simple but effective, basic and well designed
  • you are free of major illness and injury or have a doctor's approval to begin exercise
(Screen grab) Bulgarian split squats are tougher than you think!


What is the Program? 

This is a program I designed for one of my favorite people, a former client who still makes exercise a priority in the midst of a crazy busy season in life. As I was writing it, I realized it applies to many people: healthy, motivated, but busy busy, and sitting at a computer much of the day.

It will begin with one home workout, which requires only a towel. This workout uses a Swiss ball, but you can substitute that this month by doing the exercise on the floor.

Next week I will add in a full body gym workout. You, as the individual exerciser, will alternate home and gym workouts at a frequency that works for you. If you only get two workouts a week, it's two better than none! If you get 4, great!! If you are getting 6, we might need to talk about diversifying even more. Questions about your plan? Email me:

If you don't have a gym yet, just do the home workout every other day or 2-3 times a week.


How Does This Work?

I will program the workout in a training app called Train Heroic. You can download the app, join my team, and follow along. Train Heroic is a fantastic tracking tool that allows you to view workout programs complete with tailored set/rep schemes and explanatory videos.

It allows you to track your workouts and helps answer questions so you know what to do if I'm not available to answer a quick question... or if you workout at midnight, like some of you crazies do, when I'm sleeping like a baby and definitely not texting you back.

My clients love Train Heroic. (And so do I!) And how much does it cost? Free! 

Every week I will publish two workouts, and every month will be a new program. 


I Want In! What Now?

Download the app and join today. Click here for the link. The Team is called Stronger Faster. (Get it? You're getting stronger without spending hours in the gym... faster.) The first workout is published on November 29, 2017. I will publish two workouts a week, on Monday and Wednesday. If you workout on other days, that's ok! You just scroll back like you would an iphone calendar to find the workouts, which are posted on Monday and Wednesday.

The coolest part is that you can check off the workouts as you go, set by set. You can note if you do more weight, or a different amount of reps, etc. It truly track your workout for you.

Please let me know if you have questions about the sign up process. Other questions? Let me hear 'em! 

I would love for you to join me on this process! What have you got to lose? Talk to you soon. :) 

 Hamstring curls with a band and a towel... harder than they look. Haha!

Hamstring curls with a band and a towel... harder than they look. Haha!