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Press On

I had the greatest client session yesterday and wanted to share with you the lessons learned. 

My client let me know before her session that she was not feeling up to par. Nothing catastrophic or contagious, but that we might need to take it into account. 

Since she let me know ahead of time, I was able to look at her program and keep in mind some potential adjustments. Some Plan B’s, if necessary. 

Guillermo builds his strength through remote training

Guillermo builds his strength through remote training

I like to do client spotlights because: A, I am super proud of my clients, and B, real people’s stories fascinate me.

Everyone has a different motivation, background, and natural ability. We can learn so much from other people and how they approach their training and life. For example, Guillermo has a full time job, a girlfriend, dog, and other hobbies. He's not tied to the gym every day, but he has pretty solid numbers and time for his priorities, something we all can aspire to.