In a Rut? Do This One Thing For a Mid Year Restart

In a Rut? Do This One Thing For a Mid Year Restart

It is fall as I am writing this. If you made New Year goals, you should be in your “after” situation right now. This was going to be the year, you were going to make the changes you know you’ve been needing to. You were going to establish a healthy, disciplined routine.

Did you? If not, start here.

Was 2016 Really Such a Terrible Year?

Everyone keeps harping on how bad 2016 was. Was it really that bad? A start to finish disaster? I don’t think it was. That’s groupthink; everyone online is making funny memes and complaining about it, but it’s not helpful or true to look back and label a whole year terrible. 

Take all the good and bad of 2016 and use it to make 2017 the best yet.

How to Keep Your Sanity Around Holiday Meal Excess

How to Keep Your Sanity Around Holiday Meal Excess

It's that time of year y'all: party time!! Between now and New Year will be dinners, holiday parties, family get togethers (and birthdays for those unlucky people who have holiday birthdays and get combo gifts every year).

This party season is especially tough for people who are on a diet or people who find success by regularly planning their meals. 

So how do you get through the holidays without completely going off the rails on your diet? I have a simple formula I follow. Let me share.

What Real People Do to Be Successful

What Real People Do to Be Successful

Do you ever wonder what other people do to be successful? How do others set themselves up to get their workouts and make smart meal choices? 

I wonder too, for a second… then I usually just go ask. I’m nosy, I mean, curious like that. 

In the past two posts, I discussed how you can take control of your life and how to do that even in crazy situations. (Parts 1 and 2 here, in case you missed it.) More recently, I went straight to my sources and asked people who get it done how they do it. 

What to do When Life Gets Crazy (Taking Ownership, Part 2)

The process of creating new habits takes effort at the beginning, but it becomes easy once you are in the routine. Your workouts will make you feel good all day and sleep better at night. Healthy meals will help you lose fat and avoid the random energy slumps during the day. 

Once this becomes second nature and you are in your groove, you will wonder how you lived before feeling so good. It seems easy. You’ll see.

Then, BAM. Life will hit you. 

Here's what you do to get through it.

Take Ownership to Get What You Want

Taking ownership of your life, your body, your habits, and your results is the most important thing you can do in life.

This will be the most important blog post I write.

More important than any technical info, any recipe, or any magic secret. Taking ownership gives you freedom, control, and means you can get what you want. Read on to find out how.

Emily does pull ups before the wedding!!

Emily is a smart, funny woman. A dream client, really. She showed up on time, worked hard on short and long term goals, and her sense of humor made me laugh every session. 

Emily began training with me in July 2015. She was already beautiful and fit, but wanted to start being more active, both for her upcoming wedding, and to be healthy in general. The pull up goal, though… that might have been my favorite.

Emily wanted to learn how to lift, but didn’t consider herself a gym person. (Yet.) She wanted to learn the right way, and that served her well. 

What she didn’t realize was that this was a huge benefit to her since her form was perfect; she moved naturally, completely devoid of bad habits.

Can I tell y'all that this girl is a trooper? She had no idea how hard she worked, simply because she didn’t have a gauge. I have worked with clients for over 11 years, so I have a huge perspective of people in the gym and can tell you honestly she worked harder than most people. She set her mind to it, and got the job done. Another set of heavy squats? Ok. Three more heavy deadlifts? Done.

I asked her a few questions about her gym experience. See below.

Why did you decide to go to a gym and lift instead of zumba, group classes, etc.?

Before last summer I hated gyms. I always felt intimidated when I would go because I did not know how to use the machines or weight lifting equipment. Of course I could ask someone, but who wants to do that? I’ve tried the group classes and I’d find myself in the far back corner not really trying that hard and wishing the class would just hurry up and be over. I would also find excuses to not make it to a certain class because the class time would not fit with my schedule that day. For someone like me, just getting to a gym with flexible hours is important. Knowing how to actually use the equipment was the next step.

Why did you decide to see a trainer?

I needed someone to push me, hold me accountable AND I wanted to learn how to properly use gym equipment. I’ve known people to hurt themselves lifting weights, whether from bad form or too heavy of weight and I didn’t want that to be me. I had a friend training with Kathryn and I used my upcoming wedding as the motivating kick I needed to get myself in a gym.

What was your main goal? 

I wanted to be stronger and healthier. I wanted to not be scared to go to the gym by myself. Oh, and I wanted to be able to do a pull up.

What was your favorite part of working out?

I am really surprised that I liked squats so much. (Kathryn: she's good at them! See proof below.) I mean I actually enjoyed working out! I didn’t enjoy pull-ups much, but it felt so great when I was able to do several of them in a row. The results I saw in the mirror were also quite nice. Having friends and family notice my muscles was very flattering.

Anything surprising you learned from the gym? 

Gyms aren’t scary (though I always knew that). I feel totally comfortable being the only female in the free weight section of the gym now. 

Anything else you want to add about your experience?

If you’re considering making some healthy changes to your life, a personal trainer is a great way to start. I think learning proper technique and form is vital and something you can take with you when your training ends. Kathryn makes the whole experience fun. I was sad when my training with her ended, but I’m going to the gym by myself now 2-3 times a week and I’m very thankful for all that she has taught me. It’s definitely worth it!

11 Things You Must Stop Doing to Make Your Workouts - and Life - Better

We are so often told what to do: eat at this restaurant, add this new exercise into your routine, buy this, wear that! What if, instead of doing more and adding more, you would benefit by letting some things go? Bad habits can weigh you down and make your life harder.