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What to do When Life Gets Crazy (Taking Ownership, Part 2)

The process of creating new habits takes effort at the beginning, but it becomes easy once you are in the routine. Your workouts will make you feel good all day and sleep better at night. Healthy meals will help you lose fat and avoid the random energy slumps during the day. 

Once this becomes second nature and you are in your groove, you will wonder how you lived before feeling so good. It seems easy. You’ll see.

Then, BAM. Life will hit you. 

Here's what you do to get through it.

So Many Books, So Little Time

So Many Books, So Little Time

I'll confess to you all that I feel slammed by my to-do list right now. Buried under it.  Number one contributor to my overwhelmed feeling? Reading.

Yes, reading. 

There will never be enough hours in life to read everything I want to read. Is my workout another thing on my to-do list? Actually, spending my time in the gym can help me get more done. Read more here.