Free Workout Plan, and Access to Training App. Link Here!

Free workout ahead! This is Month 1 of a new workout series I will be programming. Follow along if: 

  • you need structure
  • you like having a plan to follow
  • you want said plan to be simple but effective, basic and well designed
  • you are free of major illness and injury or have a doctor's approval to begin exercise
(Screen grab) Bulgarian split squats are tougher than you think!


What is the Program? 

This is a program I designed for one of my favorite people, a former client who still makes exercise a priority in the midst of a crazy busy season in life. As I was writing it, I realized it applies to many people: healthy, motivated, but busy busy, and sitting at a computer much of the day.

It will begin with one home workout, which requires only a towel. This workout uses a Swiss ball, but you can substitute that this month by doing the exercise on the floor.

Next week I will add in a full body gym workout. You, as the individual exerciser, will alternate home and gym workouts at a frequency that works for you. If you only get two workouts a week, it's two better than none! If you get 4, great!! If you are getting 6, we might need to talk about diversifying even more. Questions about your plan? Email me:

If you don't have a gym yet, just do the home workout every other day or 2-3 times a week.


How Does This Work?

I will program the workout in a training app called Train Heroic. You can download the app, join my team, and follow along. Train Heroic is a fantastic tracking tool that allows you to view workout programs complete with tailored set/rep schemes and explanatory videos.

It allows you to track your workouts and helps answer questions so you know what to do if I'm not available to answer a quick question... or if you workout at midnight, like some of you crazies do, when I'm sleeping like a baby and definitely not texting you back.

My clients love Train Heroic. (And so do I!) And how much does it cost? Free! 

Every week I will publish two workouts, and every month will be a new program. 


I Want In! What Now?

Download the app and join today. Click here for the link. The Team is called Stronger Faster. (Get it? You're getting stronger without spending hours in the gym... faster.) The first workout is published on November 29, 2017. I will publish two workouts a week, on Monday and Wednesday. If you workout on other days, that's ok! You just scroll back like you would an iphone calendar to find the workouts, which are posted on Monday and Wednesday.

The coolest part is that you can check off the workouts as you go, set by set. You can note if you do more weight, or a different amount of reps, etc. It truly track your workout for you.

Please let me know if you have questions about the sign up process. Other questions? Let me hear 'em! 

I would love for you to join me on this process! What have you got to lose? Talk to you soon. :) 

 Hamstring curls with a band and a towel... harder than they look. Haha!

Hamstring curls with a band and a towel... harder than they look. Haha!