The Smoothie Recipe from The Iron Guru

Smoothies and shakes are everywhere these days: green smoothies post yoga, protein smoothies post gym smash, and yogurt smoothies available in the grocery aisle for those on the go. They really are fantastic, as they are quick, versatile, and potentially healthy and delicious. 

My Favorite Shake Recipe

You know I'm an old school iron girl at heart, so it makes sense that this recipes is based off Vince Gironda's favorite shake recipe. (Big thank you to my workout partner Coy who sent me this recipe!)

Vince Gironda, a preeminent bodybuilder and personal trainer in the 1940's - 1990's, developed what he called the Hormone Precursor Diet. It was heavy on protein and fat, with much of that coming from eggs. His original shake called for: 

  • 12 ounces cream (half & half)
  • 12 raw eggs
  • 1/3 cup protein powder
  • 1 banana

My Take on the Shake

I am not a registered dietician, but I will explain how I adjusted this recipe for me. First, I use pasteurized HEB brand Liquid Egg to eliminate the chance of salmonella. Second, I adjust the recipe down a bit and omit protein powder. My recipe is: 

  • 4-6 ounces half & half
  • 6 ounces Liquid Egg (the whole egg version)
  • 1 frozen banana (if not frozen, add ice cubes)

Update: I've had lots of questions about the Liquid Egg. It doesn't make the smoothie taste like egg, but it does give a great whipped texture. Smoothies have a way of disguising flavors, which is why you have heard of people sneaking in greens in smoothies and shakes.

Check out the whole process in the video below.


Along the way, I have changed it a bit. Sometimes I add central Texas honey, because, you know, cedar fever. (Can someone tell me if having local honey really helps prevent allergies?)

Other times I add strawberries and blueberries for sweetness. The possibilities are limitless! You can substitute skim milk for cream to cut down fat and calories. You can add peanut butter if you're trying to gain weight, or PB2 if you like the flavor of peanut butter but not the calories. 

Obviously, you can add protein powder to up the protein content. You can add raw spinach, which hardly adds any flavor, or beans, if you are a vegetarian to increase protein. Both of these add nutritive value but little flavor, which in this case, is a good thing. 

There is truly not a right or wrong. Consider your goals (gain weight, lose weight) and needs (increase protein, increased nutrients) and adjust ingredients accordingly. 

Why Am I Recommending a Bodybuilder Shake To You?

  • It's easy
  • It's fast (2 minutes, I kid you not!)
  • It can be pretty delicious, or at least, innocuous. 

The Liquid Egg cuts down at least 9 minutes cooking time (based on the scrambled eggs I ate every day for breakfast for about 3 years), and really gives a great texture to the smoothie. 

Your Turn!

Experiment with a smoothie if you have trouble fitting meals or quick breakfasts in your day. Whether your goal is to gain muscle (tone up), lose fat, or increase conditioning, eating enough protein and vegetables is key! Try using a shake to add those crucial nutrients in.

As always, please email me if you have questions! I would love to hear about your favorite smoothies and how you incorporate them into your day.