In Defense of New Year's Resolutions

I am 12,871.75 days old (as of this writing, 1/1/2019).

Everyone’s talking about resolutions right now, just like every new year.

I LOVE New Year’s Resolutions! I just can’t help it. They’re so fun! I love planning! I love looking to the future, and knowing it’ll be better, because I can make it that way!

That’s why it makes me so sad to hear people say stuff like this, true quotes taken from the internet:

  • Start the year with making a promise to myself that I know I will break and end up feeling like a failure? I'll pass, thank you.

  • Why bother?

  • Nope. Life is hard enough as it is without setting yourself up for failure by making dumb resolutions

  • My New Year's resolution is to not make one. Stopped years ago 🎉

  • No resolutions. If I feel that changes need to be made, I can do that at any time of the year. It doesn't have to be at New Year's.

  • Mine is to overthrow the puppet regime of a third world country, and then install myself as Grand Poobah! Oh, RESOLUTIONS, not revolutions. Sorry, my bad. (Kathryn: Ok, this one made me laugh.)

(All resolutions from Ask Someone Else’s Mom Column, 1/1/2019. I love advice columns. Don’t judge me.)

What if Resolutions Can Help You?

Why all the pessimism? Sure, it’s cliche, and every body does it, every day. I get it.

But what if making New Year’s Resolutions can actually help you? Why not re-assess your goals and where your life is going? It’s really not much different than assessing and planning quarters, as in the business world.

What if a calendar wasn’t little 30-day chunks that hung on your wall? What if it was a big string of days that kept going from left to right along the way across all the walls in your room, little one inch squares to represent the days with no differentiators of week or months or years?

If that was the case, and life was just a long number of days, when would you ever reassess? You’d probably look at it when life got rough. When things were going bad.

Like, “Geez I’m 45 and I live in my parent’s basement, I don’t have a job, and IDK what I’m doing with my life! What am I doing with my life?!”

Take advantage of this time of year. Everybody knows gyms will be packed, people will buy more salads, and be thinking of how to improve themselves. The general public sentiment is that people do this, so why not?

I completely, wholeheartedly agree with the notion that you shouldn’t wait until the New Year to improve yourself or make better habit.

But It IS The New Year

It is, right now. That excuse, “Why wait til the New Year?” doesn’t fly! It is the New Year! Do it! Do it now!

I challenge you to PICK ONE thing you can do a better job of, and do it!

Email me or comment: what’s your resolution??