Tips on Meal Prepping for One


In March I published a giant how-to on meal prepping for an entire week. It makes a crazy amount of food, most of which you can freeze if you don’t use. It’s great for couples and families, and shows how to realistically cook a lot of food with just a couple hours.

Read it here: How To Meal Prep for a Week

Meal Prepping for One Person

But meal prepping for exactly one person? That’s tough. If you’ve ever tried to portion out food, you know exactly what I mean. When I cook for only myself, I can try to plan for exactly one meal and no more, then <BOOM> I have enough food for the neighborhood.

I actually plan to cook a bit more than I need now, because I’ll always have enough for someone else to drop in, or for my leftovers. Here are some quick tips for cooking solo and not wasting food:

  • Batch your time and cook a few meals. Plan on having chicken breasts and veggies in the oven, and rice and ground beef on the stove. This way your prep and cleanup time is batched, too.

  • Invest in good food storage for leftovers. I love Pyrex. It's glass, so you don't have to worry about any weird staining or warping. It freezes and cleans easy, too.

  • You can freeze meals you won't eat for a few days, and refrigerate the rest.

  • Keep a can of tuna or chicken, and frozen vegetables as a backup. If you run out of food or forget to plan, you can always pop open a can, saute the vegetables, and there you have a meal. If you don't have guests, you don’t have to impress anybody but yourself.

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