Gym Etiquette Guide: How to Share the Gym and Get the Workout You Want

Like a community kitchen or shared break room, the gym is better shared when participants abide by a few common rules. Sometimes it can feel strange going to a new gym or going to the gym for the first time, but knowing how to share the space goes a long way in making you feel comfortable. Read these quick tips and know you belong in the weight room!

Wash your hands before and after you workout, use the restroom, cough, etc. 

If there are people using the part of the gym you want to use, survey the area and quickly assess where others are working. 

Wait until others are done with their set before you speak to them, so they can maintain concentration. 

Speak up! Ask if you can work in or share if you want to use the same area or piece of equipment. 

Share when people ask to work in with you. Often, sharing equipment creates an optimal work/rest pace. 

Don’t stand directly in front of the dumbbell rack, in case someone needs to get or re-rack dumbbells during your set.

Likewise, don’t stand right in front of the mirror if someone is doing a workset. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask gym staff if you have a question about how to use equipment. None of us know how to use everything in every gym.

Clean equipment if you sweat on it. 

Understand that some people won’t want to chit chat while working out, and it is not personal. Usually people are just focusing on finishing their workout in time or are highly focused.

Change clothes for your workout. Dress to get the safest, most effective workout. Avoid:

  • long hair, long necklaces, or loose clothing that could get caught in equipment and pose a safety hazard
  • flip flops, heels, or unstable footwear
  • office clothes, since belts, zippers and buckles are rough on equipment. 
  • Shorts that your butt hangs out in, please and thank you.

Be supportive of others! Remember that even if you have different styles of exercise, you are both working hard to invest in yourself. That is worth supporting! 

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