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Is it Too Late to Get Your Summer Body?

It’s not too late to get in shape for summer! 

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Do you ever just blink and feel like time flies by? It was just New Year! Now it’s summer! Everybody is talking about summer vacations, summer trips, training to get that summer body, and summer is HERE!

Likewise - I blinked, and 6 months have passed since I posted on the blog. The last post I wrote was about NY resolutions. 

(Well, it’s not the last post I wrote; it’s the last post I published. I write all the time. I just don’t take the time to edit them, take a good picture, and publish them. Big thank you to Jorge and Gary for the push to get going again!)

Summer is here!

What if you are still working on your summer body? What can you do right now, to make a difference, today? Lots of things! 

Kathryn skating.jpg
  • incorporate a 10 minute walk after meals, or after one meal

  • go to one new group class this week. Yoga, Pilates, body pump, whatever is your style

  • return to your favorite active past time. My friends and I went roller skating last week. Toooo much fun!! Also, I WON the throwback dress up contest, even though no one else competed. :)

  • add an extra serving of vegetables once today

Small changes add up!

At some point, after seeing the benefits of small changes, you will likely be ready to jump in a little more whole heartedly; training 4+ days a week, eating well 90% of the time.

If you aren’t there, for whatever reason - you’re a human taxi service for your kids, you’re working overtime, etc.- I understand. But don’t let that be an excuse for why you can’t make small changes, which add up. 

Will you get your goal summer body in a week? No, maybe not. Will you be on the cover of a fitness magazine next month? Probably not; it’s a competitive process.

But - will you feel better, and sleep better, and be proud of yourself? Yes! It’s worth it to get going! 

Build your nest

A West African proverb says “dooni dooni kononi be nyaga da”, which means “little by little, the bird builds its nest.”

Begin building your nest, and taking the small actions that will add up, until your nest is complete. Until you have peace with your body and yourself. 

Instituting new habits or change is the hardest part. Keeping a routine is much easier than starting. So, start these new habits and be proud of yourself!

In a Rut? Do This One Thing For a Mid Year Restart

In a Rut? Do This One Thing For a Mid Year Restart

It is fall as I am writing this. If you made New Year goals, you should be in your “after” situation right now. This was going to be the year, you were going to make the changes you know you’ve been needing to. You were going to establish a healthy, disciplined routine.

Did you? If not, start here.

San Antonio Highland Games 2018 with Athletic Director Ed Cosner

San Antonio Highland Games 2018 with Athletic Director Ed Cosner

If you are like me and enjoy watching throwing, sport, competition, or maybe have a thing for kilts, you should head to the Highland Games in San Antonio April 7 and 8. 

The San Antonio Highland Games and Celtic Music Festival brings Scottish Games, music, cooking, and Highland dancing together for a celebration of Scottish heritage. Over 30 clans represent their people and culture in a weekend that is fun for all ages. 

I talked to Athletic Director and former Highland Games champ, Ed Cosner, about the games, his experience throwing, and what you can expect at the games this year. 

Austin's Strongest Savage

Austin's Strongest Savage

Rogue American Apparel and Big Tex Gym teamed up this past weekend to host Austin's Strongest Savage, a US Strongman sanctioned competition. The event benefited 22 Kill, which works to support veterans' mental health and prevent suicide. 

Good coffee, good beer, an amazing venue, and great athletes made for a memorable day!

Your Input Wanted: How Do You Handle Stress?

Your Input Wanted: How Do You Handle Stress?

Busy-ness is the new affliction. Everybody's got it. Some people thrive in it, some people drown in it. 

Regardless of how well you handle stress, you are probably busy and need to manage stress in your life. 

What do you do to manage stress? Please let me know. I always ask this, and my clients probably think I am endlessly nosy. However, the better I know what works for people, the better I can help people.

Why Gym Memberships Are an Amazing Value

Why Gym Memberships Are an Amazing Value

Where can you go for approximately $3.33 an hour, while simultaneous improving yourself, your health, and your future? A gym! 

Where can you go to be around like minded people who share a hobby? A gym! 

Here are all the reasons you should go to a gym, backed up by numbers. Because #math.

How to Get What You Want: A Foolproof Guide to Setting and Achieving Big Goals, In and Out of the Gym

How to Get What You Want: A Foolproof Guide to Setting and Achieving Big Goals, In and Out of the Gym

Les Brown says, “Shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” 

Selena Gomez sings, “The heart wants what it wants.”

I don’t want the moon. I am not Elon Musk. This girl enjoy warm showers and abundant oxygen.

What if your heart really doesn't know what it wants? Do you have ideas of being happy, fulfilled and valuable to others? These are great goals but they are vague. How do you get there, that ambiguous place where you are happy and present? Where is there? 

Squat by Southwest IV in Austin March 12!

Squat by Southwest IV in Austin March 12!

Squat by Southwest is back at Hyde Park Gym! Who will be king of the squats? In addition to being a great time, this year is extra special. This year's event is dedicated to fundraising to help our friend Stephen Moore who was injured by an uninsured motorist.