Guillermo builds his strength through remote training

Client Spotlight: Guillermo

I like to do client spotlights because: A, I am super proud of my clients, and B, real people’s stories fascinate me.

Everyone has a different motivation, background, and natural ability. We can learn so much from other people and how they approach their training and life. For example, Guillermo has a full time job, a girlfriend, dog, and other hobbies. He's not tied to the gym every day, but he has pretty solid numbers and time for his priorities, something we all can aspire to.


An introduction to Guillermo, in his own words:


I’m a 34 year old Technical Support Manager for a Medical Software Company here in Austin. In my spare time, I enjoy live music, riding my motorcycle, playing bass in my metal band, hanging out with my girlfriend and my two year old pug, Thor.

I also enjoy exercising and over the last year, have decided to try to push past my long time limits and become the best version of myself! I want to be strong and look strong, as well as feel strong. These are my primary training goals.


What is your experience with training? Have you always been active?

I started weight lifting when I was 17 years old and was very very weak back then. When I was 19, I got into Olympic Lifting through training with my college track team (I was a weight thrower). My strength and size increased (I went from 170 lbs to almost 260 lbs within 2 years, thanks to eating with my teammates and a very late growth spurt when I was 21). After college, I essentially stopped working out, up until a couple of years ago. 

Over the last year, I have completely refocused and have promised myself to push harder than ever and never stop again. Ever. 

I want to look great, feel great and be as strong as I can be. My ideal scenario is to be below 200 lbs and be able to bench and squat well over double my bodyweight. I’m patient, so I’m ok with those goals being a long ways away.


What did you expect from training remotely?

The concept of remote training is brand new to me, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I was more or less thinking that you would set me up with a program and would just check on how it’s going from time to time. 

I have absolutely seen results that I’m happy and excited about, and the guidance that the program has provided is changing some long standing/erroneous thoughts about strength training, that I’ve held onto for a long time.

I never realized how interactive and personal this whole process is and I love it! 


What kind of results have you seen in the time we have worked together?

In the time that we’ve worked together, I have seen increases in strength, mobility and some increases in muscle size as well. I also have more energy when I go to the gym and am more excited for my workouts, since I know that they are tailored for me specially. 

Every week is a new challenge and my drive has never been this high.


How do you like Train Heroic as a training log and program delivery method?


(Kathryn: Train Heroic is the app I use to deliver client workouts to remote and in-person clients. Train Heroic includes explanatory exercise demos, and allows clients to track their workouts and make comments.) 

I really like the app as a way to track your progress and have programs delivered directly to my phone. It’s a lot better than trying to write everything down in a notepad and saves me a lot of time. Plus it’s interactive and easy to use.


Anything else you are enjoying about the program?

I think that my biggest takeaway so far from all of this, is realizing that I don’t have to “kill myself” in the gym to see results and overtraining is real!

I used to spend 3-4 hours/ 3 times a week at the gym, maybe only having the energy to properly do 50 percent of the workout properly. Now I’ve cut that time in half and am seeing way better results in my strength than ever!


Final note from Kathryn

Guillermo has been a great client. He works hard, trusts my programming, communicates well, and most importantly, is consistent! He has earned every bit of success he has found through this programming cycle. I look forward to more updates on his progress and will keep you updated! 

Guillermo, thanks so much for your willingness to share your experience with everyone.