2 Minute No Sweat Series To Start the Day Right

You know that indulgent stretch right when we wake up in the morning? Before coffee, or before we even get out of bed? Yep, feels amazing. We do the same instinctively after getting off an airplane, or sitting through a long meeting. Our bodies like to move.

We are made to move. 

It's good for us! You know this. Your body does it naturally! 

Yet we get busy and prioritize our to-do list, which (let's be real) is sitting in front of a computer. 

2 Minute No Sweat Series

The 2 Minute No Sweat Series is a series of movements that requires no equipment, no special clothing, and very little space. You can run through it once or 5 times. It can be used to energize you, or to relax into at the end of the day before you crawl into bed. 

Check out the link below and give it a try! It won't cost you anything but 2 minutes!

If any of the movements bother you because of a painful joint or condition, feel free to skip it, or email me for a modification.