How to Stick to Your Resolution to Get Healthy and Why It Is Worth It

Hi all, this is my first guest post, by author Paige Johnson. She makes some really great points about how to keep committed to your goals. Read on, and let me know if any of these have worked for you! 

How to Stick to Your Resolution to Get Healthy and Why It Is Worth It

Most New Year’s resolutions revolve around getting healthy - whether it’s giving up smoking, cutting all those carbs, or pledging to get out that exercise bike and actually use it. Most New Year’s resolvers also find that come spring, their motivation to stick to their resolutions becomes harder and harder to muster. Don’t feel like a failure - it’s totally normal. 

But there are some ways to re-energize yourself to stick to those resolutions. There are so many benefits - both mental and physical - for leading a healthy and active lifestyle; take the time and make the effort to keep it going this year and don’t put it off until the next time the ball drops. 

Make every day about three pillars of wellness

If you’re trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, you need to practice activities that contribute to overall well-being on a daily basis. It helps to think about this as a three-pronged plan: diet, exercise, and mental fitness.

Every single day you should make sure that you do at least one thing to benefit your diet, your body, and your mind. For example, add vegetables to your dinner, take a 30-minute jog, and practice yoga or meditation. This covers all the bases. 

What you’ll find is that these activities target more than what’s at face value. Exercising will increase your mental health as well. Taking time to meditate and relax will help you make better food choices, and so on. 

Get some help

Don’t be stubborn about achieving your resolution alone. If you’re having trouble keeping it, it may mean that you can’t do it on your own - and that’s ok. If you’re struggling to stay motivated to exercise, find a friend to be your exercise buddy. Not only will it be more fun, but they’ll hold you accountable. If you are struggling to see any gains in your physical fitness, think about hiring a personal trainer that can push you and show you how you can be more efficient in your workouts. If you’re trying to quit smoking or limit your alcohol intake, seek out the support of a group. 

If you think you need to modify or even shift courses on your resolution, don’t be afraid to do so. Strive for something that’s actually achievable. 

Make a monetary investment

Don’t go throwing money away - that’s not going to improve your mental state. But making small financial commitments to your own betterment can help you feel more motivated to succeed. Invest in some exercise equipment, or join a gym. If you’re wanting to cook more and with healthier ingredients, pay for a community supported agriculture plan. There are even apps you can use to pony up cash when you fail to stick to your fitness schedule and earn cash when you do. 

Why should I stick to it?

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle stretch far beyond losing weight and gaining muscle tone. Eating right and getting enough exercise have countless physical benefits, like decreased risk of a variety of diseases. Not only that, but those who practice healthy living are less likely to develop problems with depression and anxiety, and are much less likely to develop problems with drug or alcohol abuse. Committing to living a healthy lifestyle will also influence your family, who will be more likely to follow you down that path. And it also creates plenty of opportunities for your family to get up and get active together. 

If you find yourself struggling to keep your New Year’s resolution to get healthy, you shouldn’t feel like a failure. It’s hard. But instead of giving up and putting it off for next year, take pride in the small victories and use those to build upon your larger goals. 

Paige Johnson loves offering her advice on weight lifting and strength training.