Was 2016 Really Such a Terrible Year?

Everyone keeps harping on how bad 2016 was. Was it really that bad? A start to finish disaster? No! That’s groupthink; everyone is making funny memes and complaining about it, but it’s not helpful or true to look back and label a whole year terrible. 


That's like blowing your diet for an entire week because you had a donut for breakfast. Don't do that.

I know you’ve had tough things happen, and I’m not asking you to disregard those things or paint them in a fake happy light. Some people lost jobs or family members and there’s really no way to spin that into a positive. (I have a very special kind of disdain for people who tell you immediately after/during a terrible event that “everything happens for a reason” as if grieving is shameful. But I already covered that… see that rant here.)

Identify the Good Things That Happened in 2016

I am asking you to remember the good things, though, and see how you can learn from them. 

Do this: identify the things that you did well or things that went right in 2016, even if they are little things. What was your most productive thing? Write that down. How can you build on that in 2017? Write that down too. Think about your friends' and family's successes. Those count as good things too.

Here are some good/productive things that happened to me in 2016:

  • I did TONS of work on my website to help my clients. Have you seen the exercise library? I'm still working on it.
  • I finally got (a little bit) more regular about emailing you all! I get feedback from you guys about what really matters to you. I have made new friends from all over and learned more about Hyde Park Gym’s history in the process (Hey Max!)
  • I’ve made really great contacts with accomplished lifters, coaches and gym owners. It’s so rewarding to get to know them as friends and learn more about their business.
  • Jacob Cloud of Vintage Strong and I hosted a super fun and successful squat meet. Squat by Southwest reminded me how much our community supports each other. Big thanks to Brook Jones, HPG, and everyone who lifted and cheered.
  • I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading about anatomy, training methodology, business, and marketing, which is always fascinating to me.
  • I’ve had lots of fun sports events: basketball, football, boxing, rugby and baseball at the Dell Diamond. 
  • Many of my friends got married, welcomed children, and got stronger and healthier.
  • And, I’ve got amazing friends and family that went to Barton Springs, Blues on the Green, hill country trips and all sorts of good trouble. :)  The rest of my non-work related 2016 here.
Basketball at my second college home. Thanks Valerie!!

Basketball at my second college home. Thanks Valerie!!

Rugby at the Dell Diamond with some of my favorite people. This was such a fun melding of two entertaining sports experiences.

Rugby at the Dell Diamond with some of my favorite people. This was such a fun melding of two entertaining sports experiences.


Next year? I’m looking forward to:

No matter how bad your year, you can probably look back and see that some good things happened. Don’t label the whole year as terrible because everyone on the internet says it was.

I am happy, my family is healthy, and my clients and their businesses prospered in 2016. Sorry yall, I can’t help it… #blessed.

I wish you the healthiest, most productive and peaceful year yet. Here’s to many more great things in 2017!