Prince Fielder on the cover of ESPN's body issue

You might have seen Prince Fielder on the cover of ESPN’s body issue.  He is an incredible athlete who has earned his way to where he is... but there are still armchair critics posting detracting comments about him.  They are in the minority, but it just struck a nerve with me so I had to comment. Click here:

And read on.

When people make fun of someone who has a physique like this, it simply proves they know nothing about anatomy. Prince Fielder has a solidly built, athletic body, obviously so much so that he gets paid for his athletic ability and power. 

Look at his quads!  Holy cow!  Look how broad his shoulders are!  Seriously.  He has quad definition, hamstrings that go on for days, and you can clearly distinguish his calves from his peroneals (those muscles that run down the side of his lower leg).  You can easily see trap, triceps, and forearm development too. 

But add a few pounds of fat on top of his muscle and suddenly some lose the ability to see his inherent athleticism.  It takes mass to move mass, people!  Bantam weights are sometimes the strongest people pound for pound, but the heavyweights take the big titles. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  if you don’t like someone else’s body, shut up.  If you don’t like yours, work on it!!